Caterpillar Clip

Caterpillar Clip

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NomiLu Classic Clip -- Bare Beads Pacifier Clip (Natursutten Pacifier NOT INCLUDED)

~ 7 {16mm} beads + 6 {12mm} stained beads

This Wooden Beads Pacifier clip will keep your baby'a pacifier and teether close and off the floor at all times, while providing something to teeth on during those ouchie moments when they just need to chew! 

Attach to clothes, blankets, toys, strollers, or car seats, to hold pacifiers, teething rings, or toys! 

Wooden Beads - North American Sourced; Raw, uncoated Birch and Beech Tree 

Cord - 90lb Tensioned Paracord, picked with safety in mind - withstanding all the pulling and tugging that comes during playtime

Metal Clasp - high quality, 1" round enamel; lead free + nickel free





Wash & Inspect before Use.

Wipe thoroughly with hot soapy water and lay out to dry.  Do not use until dry. Not to be exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. Wipe after each use - damp cloth or wet wipe can be used.



Small parts  -  Discard with first sign of weakness

Small objects and beads can present choking hazards if not properly taken care of. Inspect with every use & between uses. It is recommended to replace pacifier clips every 6 months. Buyer assumes product responsibility.

Compliant with CPSA Requirements 

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