3in Wooden Maple Ring

3in Wooden Maple Ring

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Adding this listing to your cart, alongside a pacifier clip listed in the shop, will mean your pacifier clip will be shipped with a Wooden 2" Ring.

Ring is RAW, UNCOATED, Untreated

- our natural wood rings can be treated with your own personal organic products, examples being: a favorite oil (olive oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, etc.) or a local beeswax. 

Treating the rings will help preserve them and keep them from splintering or becoming brittle. (**increased exposure of raw rings to moisture may cause splintering or cracking)

Pacifier clips in these photos will NOT be shipped with only this listing purchased - this is a listing for THE WOODEN RING, NOT the clips in the photos. The pacifier clips in photos are samples of how this product can be used.



*Wood is a natural item and variations can occur; the rings should be handled carefully and attentively to prevent any damage. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling if contains a knot or weakened area, and thereby could be a choking hazard. Always inspect your product and never leave a child unsupervised with it. Do not submerge/soak in water - spot clean only. Do not put in the freezer. If you notice a crack or breakage, DO NOT give the item to a child.


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